This heartbreaking story reflects the a real life experience of fatherless girl who was married off to a strange man by her mother at 15.

In her heart wrenching story that will surely bring tears to your eyes, she narrates how her life was suddenly turned around as a teenagers and the things she went through as a young bride

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My mom said we’d be gone for a month, but I didn’t trust her.  On the way to the airport, I asked to see my return ticket.  I wanted proof that it existed. She was indignant as she showed me the ticket, but it made me feel better.

My mother and grandmother and I landed in Tel Aviv, which was as hot and dusty as I remembered.  I felt claustrophobic in the cab, which we took to Ramallah, the Palestinian capital.  My grandmother has a house there, and both of my sisters lived nearby.

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I was so angry about being there that I wasn’t even excited to see my sisters. I couldn’t believe that they’d left me all those years before. Now, they were both married with kids. But by the end of that first evening, I relaxed with them. I even told them what happened with my Chipotle date, and they started teasing me, like,  “You’re such an idiot!  With a white guy? Really?”

They thought that if he’d been Muslim, I wouldn’t have gotten into so much trouble.  I wasn’t so sure, but it still felt good to laugh with them about it.

About two weeks into our stay, my sisters sat me down and started doing my hair and makeup.  I was never allowed to wear makeup at home, so I thought it was cool.   When I asked why, they said they wanted me to meet a friend of theirs.

Their friend was in his twenties but still lived with his mom, which my sister called “a problem.” I didn’t understand what she meant by that.

He arrived with his mom and uncle and started speaking to me in Arabic.  I barely understood anything except for his asking me how old I was.

I said, “I’m 15. I just finished 8th grade.”

He looked perplexed.  So was I.

After he left, I asked my sisters what the meeting was about.  They explained that the way to meet suitors is through families. When a family thinks a girl is ready to be married — usually she’s part of that decision — they pass word along to other families that they’re looking for a husband.  The couple then meets through the parents, and if it is a good match, an arrangement is made.

A week passed, and once again my sisters sat me down and started putting makeup on me. They said that another guy was coming to meet me.  When I asked, who?

They said, “Don’t worry about it. Just have fun.”

The doorbell rang and in walked a guy with his parents.  I’m 5’8″ and he was 5’4″, nine years older, and missing half of his front left tooth.  Everyone seemed very eager.  I was repulsed.

I sat stone-faced the entire time they were there. As soon as he and his family left, my mom and grandmother said that they thought I should marry him.  They said, “He has a job and a house.”  That’s all it took.

I was furious. By then, I realized that they’d brought me to Palestine to get married and planned to leave me there. Instead of berating them, I immediately started thinking of ways to return home on my own. I had watched SVU. I knew this was totally illegal.  I just needed to figure out a way to reach a detective in Illinois who could help me escape.

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