In 2013, as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Ecology, I led a legislative intervention for the #SaveBagega Lead Remediation project that led to the Federal Government ordering a cleanup of Bagega, Zamfara State. This intervention saved the lives of over 1500 children in the area.

Today at the Senate, we have again demonstrated our commitment to curbing environmental disasters by passing the Motion on the Urgent Remediation of Shikira Community in Niger State after the Lead Poisoning incident.

So far, reports have shown that about 30 children - mostly under the age of 5 - have died from the effects of the poisoning.

In light of this, the Senate motion calls on the Federal Government (Ministry of Health, Solid Minerals and Environment) to urgently remediate Shikira Community, treat all cases of lead poisoning and promote safe mining programs in the area.

Additionally, the Senate has also urged the Federal Government to urgently approve and release the needed intervention funds from the Ecological Funds Office for immediate action in Shikira.

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