Story Of Shina Rambo - The Most Notorious and Dangerous Armed Robber In the History of Nigeria and the All of Africa

Shina Rambo (born c. 1963) is a former bandit who
terrorised South-West Nigeria in the 1990s. After
serving jail-time for his crimes, he was converted by
an evangelist and became a Christian evangelical
pastor.Shina Rambo now Mathew Oluwanifemi was a
name that sent shivers down the spine of people who
lived in the South West of Nigeria and even outside
Nigeria, like Benin Republic and neighborhood, in the

He was a hardened criminal, a terror and killer, one
whom men of the security agencies will never forget
in a haste.

A man mountain, towering about 6 ft 5inch, well built,
dark skinned and sweltering eyes, he carried out his
operations, like a movie, in the broad day light, with
sophisticated weapons, and bullet belts and
explosives strapped roundabout him.
He specialized in robbing exotic cars on highways
and banks. Nothing could stop him, not even security
operatives, he was totally invincible. He was Shina
Rambo!He was born in the year 1958 to a military
man who was a bad egg in the service. His father was
from Abeokuta in Ogun state, but his mother was a
native of Sabongida–Ora in Edo state.

His father had over 18 wives, as was the norm for
soldiers to impregnate virtually every woman they
met where they were posted to.His father used his
military influence to rob innocent citizens, and always
brought huge amount of money home.
This used to entice little Shina. He recalls, “I
remembered when I was about 7 years old, my father
came home with a lot of money, foreign currencies,
with blood on it, and they were using something like
a woman’s scarf to wipe it, then I asked him, is this
an animal’s blood, or human blood? But he wouldn’t
answer me, they were just drinking, smoking, and
merry making.

”Shina was already indoctrinated into the underworld
by his father at a tender age of 7 without him
knowing it, as he would sit in front of his son, to
dismantle and assemble all sorts of weapons and
then polishing them in preparation for an operation.
This went on for so long till one day, little Shina,
entered into his father’s room while he had stepped
into the toilet, and saw a dismembered gun on the

He sat down in front of it, and bit by bit, he had
assembled it effortlessly in no time at all. His father
came out of the toilet, and saw his son, with a loaded
gun in his hands. Shina flashed back and said, “That
day my father was so disappointed, that he wanted to
kill me, he grabbed the gun from my hand and shot
straight at me, but I miraculously escaped out of the
room.Then he waited for me to be less alert at night
he came to my room with a machete and tried to
behead me, but once again, I escaped, but the
machete caught my left leg. (rolled up his trouser to
show us the large scar, that made everyone sighed in

It cut me so deep I thought I was never going to walk
again. That day I knew I had graduated, all that was
left was to pull the trigger, and I was so eager. Shina
Rambo became so notorious in no time, and was hell
bent on succeeding in his career as an armed robber,
that he went through any length to secure spiritual
powers for fortification.
To the extent of pounding over 27 live new born
babies in the mortar with a pestle, cutting off about
100 human tongues and cooking them to eat, visiting
the spiritual river called river of life in Ogoja, Cross
Rivers State, living in an Iroko tree for days, and
sle├ęping in the cemetery.
He was given a spiritual wife who always followed
him for any operation, she dressed like an Alhaja,
people thought she was human, but she was a spirit,
that was why they never saw her face.
He said she was his personal driver, that she could
drive from Nigeria to Cotonou, in the speed of light.
Hear him. ”I was involved in so many rituals, that I
can’t start naming them now, I was so powerful, I
went underground, inside trees that looked like a city,
a lot of beautiful houses inside the tree, I had

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