● Amaechi says N13bn for the acquisition of the University project land is too much, he suggested that it should be investigated by EFCC and that the money should be recovered, this is in line with the #Change mantra, this is in line with the PMB anti-curroption philosophy.

● Kachikwu comes, disagrees and insinuates the activation of a "move-on-dot-com" as in he cannot be bothered whether a land costs N3bn or N10bn.

Kachikwu are you for real?

Kachikwu so you cannot be bothered whether a land costs N3bn or N10bn?

We are talking about N13.000.000.000 here...Not N130.000...Not N130.000.000...Not N1.000.000.000...
but...N13bn(Thirteen Billion Naira)

If Amaechi is saying EFCC should get that money, it can only mean that there is evidence of FRAUD.

There is an unwritten norm in the PMB administration (obviously dictated by baba) that no Jonathan project should be continued without scrutiny.

An indication of this was when Zainab Ahmed the minister of state for budget & n p announced that N280bn had been released to continue S.C.R.U.T.N.I.S.E.D capital projects.

Kachikwu retrace your steps IMMEDIATELY because under Baba NO trace of fraud will be swept under the carpet.

Last but not least, I am already pissed off that you Kachikwu are suggesting negotiations with armed bandits, something that has woefully failed since OBJs era and helped to empower and proliferate CRIMINALITY & INJUSTICE to the larger Niger-Delta population!

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