Shehu Sani, chairman senate committee on foreign affairs, has described China as Africa’s natural ally and an “economic model for our future”.

Speaking when he received a Chinese delegation in his office, Sani said China has been on the side of Africa since the era of colonialism.

He said the political relationship which the world’s most populous country has with Africa is moulded in the spirit of mutual respect.

Sani added that Nigeria’s foreign policy recognizes China and Taiwan as one.

“We don’t recognize Taiwan as an independent nation,” he said.

“China is an indispensable and reliable foreign ally; one that has over the years stood on the side of Africa and sided with Africans in the anti colonial struggle and our post independence political and economic challenges.

“China is Africa’s natural ally and an economic model for our future. China’s economic success is an inspiration for Nigeria and the African continent. China is Africa’s unconditional ally.

“Africa China relationship is in the interest of both. Africa China relationship is devoid of imperialist underpinnings; it’s free of dictation. Africa will keep its democratic tradition and ethos and will continue to uphold its cherished democratic freedom but should strengthen relationship with China and adopt the Chinese economic and social models for its development and future.

“There are however, areas that needs immediate improvements; China should assist Africa to develop industrially rather than make it a source of its raw material; China should improve on standards of goods exported to Africa and China should protect the dignity and rights of Africans living in China. China should increase its economic aid to Africa.

“Africa and China are bonded by a common spirit of respect, understanding and shared common history of struggle for liberation.”

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