#Setting The #Records Straight: Nobody Is Misleading #President Buhari By Ayantunji Benjamin Gbenro

"The first fallacy in the said article is in the first sentence of the first paragraph where he said: " let me say categorically and emphatically that our dear beloved country is dangerously hemorrhaging again, and this perfidious drift must be halted urgently before we all end up in perdition." This statement is far from the truth. How can a nation where the financial leakage of the past is being blocked be said to be hemorrhaging? How can a country recovering stolen asset be said to be drifting?  When a nation that has just recovered back it lost territories to Boko Haram is described as drifting, when a nation that is clearly steering it economy away from a single source of income and diversifying into hitherto neglected areas is described as drifting, it's either the person making the description does not have the understanding of the unfolding events or chose to be mischievous. If the change mantra is misconstrued, it's probably due to lack of understanding of what change actually means. The change means doing things differently. I also disagree with the insinuation that the world is worried about Nigeria. If what we read and saw in the international media is anything to go by, world leaders from America to Canada to the UK have recently applauded the effort of the present administration. Where the worry as expressed by the writer beats my imagination.
The writer also went further to say " Even those who did not vote for him(PMB) accepted him with unusual equanimity." This is far from the truth. Those that didn't vote for the President Buhari never accepted him, and I doubt if they will ever do. If they did, can the writer give a rationale behind the renewed insurgency in the South-South and the agitation for Biafra in the Southeast? If anybody accepted each other, the President should be given kudos for this. The President has flagged off the cleaning of Ogoniland, he refused to sign the 2016 appropriation bill because of the exclusion of Calabar-Lagos railroad; Second Niger Bridge has been appropriated for, Enugu-Onitsha road, Enugu-Port Harcourt road, etc. were all appropriated for in President Buhari's budget. How many stand out projects were located in Katsina State where the President comes from? We should stop misinforming our gullible audience to score cheap political points.”

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