Ideally, the South-South region should be a paradise on earth! The Almighty God blessed the land with not only breathtaking beauty and vegetation, He also blessed it with the most sought after commodity of he 21st century, that is crude oil and gas.

With less population compared to states like Kano and Lagos, with 13% derivation from oil proceeds, and the NNDC to look after the best interests of the region, the South-South is supposed to be one of the most developed parts of the planet in par with Texas, Singapore, Hongkong etc.

Unfortunately, today, some parts of the Niger Delta region look more like a war zone than a developed land. The infrastructure in the region is dilapidated, the beautiful environment is damaged, and the fragile ecosystem is almost completely destroyed.

Who is responsible for this unfolding tragedy? Well, the greedy, wicked, senseless and vision-less politicians of the region, including their most illustrious son, Goodluck Eebele Jonathan, have to take most of the blame for forsaking their people and its blessed ancestral land. Our brethren in the Niger Delta also have to take their own share of the blame in this tragedy. They consistently kept reelecting failed politicians who not only refused to develop the Niger Delta to its full potential, but who systematically looted the financial resources meant for the development of the region.

The infamous showdown between the Honourable Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, and the former President,  Goodluck Eebele Jonathan, is a typical example of how the fight to protect the region's resources degenerated into one of the most bitter personal acrimony in Nigerian politics. Jonathan and his flamboyant wife wanted to pocket billions of Naira meant for the region's development. Meanwhile Rotimi Amaechi said a BIG NO! The rest is history.

Despite what happened in Niger Delta and other part of the country in terms of looting and neglect, Nigeria is today fighting corruption like no any other country on the planet. For the fist time in our history, former government ministers, former state governors, former military service chiefs, and senior party officials are dragged to court in chains to answer for their financial crimes against the Nigerian state. This war against corruption is definitely working, as our looted funds and assets are being systematically recovered at home and abroad by the EFCC, DSS and other agencies.

Ironically, it is this unprecedented fight against corruption and holistic approach to fixing Nigeria's ills once and for all that is earning Nigeria high standing in the eyes of the International Community. Foreign investors are considering Nigeria as a favourable destination to invest. Meanwhile our President is being treated as a super-star and a national hero wherever he goes around the world. Nigeria is suddenly transformed from a pariah state to a heroic nation. We have never had it so good in our history!

Now, while all this is happening to us at national and international level, the manifestly criminal, corrupt and failed politicians of the South-South felt the calamitous need to exclude themselves and their communities from the good omen that is befalling Nigeria at home and abroad. In order to escape the full arms of the law for their crimes against the Nigerian state, the devil tempted them and they decided to sponsor a new breed of dangerous and insane terrorists called the Niger Delta Avengers, to destroy pipelines, oil and gas installations. In their sick perverted minds,  they thought that they could hold over 180 million Nigerians to ransom.

Last week, the representatives of these unashamed politicians from the South-South, under the aegis of South-South governors had the audacity and went to the highest office in the land to demand for all charges of corruption against people of South-South origins to be dropped! What a shameless show of thievery of biblical proportions!

Let it be known to the South-South governors, their fellow co-conspirators, and the terror barbarians they hired to blow pipelines, oil and gas installations, that there will never be amnesty for Nigerian thieves of whatever description. Any negotiation in respect of amnesty for thieves will certainly be deemed by the masses as a sell out by the government and treason against the Nigerian state.

Let the so called Niger Delta Avengers blow every single pipeline, oil and gas installation that they can lay their hands on. We as a civilised people regret the irreparable damage that they are causing the environment. However, this senseless self destruct move will never harm Nigeria in the long term. It will only hasten the much anticipated diversification of our economy. We have abundant natural resources in other parts of the country and massive human capital at home and in diaspora, to the extent that we can prosper as a nation without ever depending on a single gallon of Niger Delta oil and its derivative products.

God forbid, if the Niger Delta terrorists keep vandalising oil installations and consequently destroying their environment and its much desired ecosystem, by the time they are done, places like Bayelsa will look like war ravaged Somalia. Meanwhile, it is conceivable that underdeveloped states like Yobe in the far North may emerge as dynamic and prosperous region when the area's natural resources are put to good use.

As for those of us who fervently believe in the destiny of Nigeria as one of the greatest countries on the planet, we see this clumsy and ill informed challenge by South-South politicians and their co-conspirators as a golden opportunity to use Nigeria's military might to crush our enemies from within once and for all. No nation on planet earth can tolerate the shenanigans that have already been tolerated from the Avengers.

A unified prosperous Nigeria at peace with herself is what we espouse for all Nigerians.

May God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.

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