The US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle has written a strongly worded petition to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara over the alleged shameful acts of three members of the House while they were in the US for an official assignment.

In the petition dated June 9, 2016, the Ambassador told the Speaker how the three legislators involved themselves in some indecent conducts.

The legislators are -
1. Hon. Mohammed Gololo - APC, Bauchi
2. Hon. Mark Gbillah - APC, Benue
3. Hon. Samuel Ikon - PDP, Akwa Ibom.

These three members of the House were part of a 10 man delegation that were invited to the INTERNATIONAL VISITORS LEADERSHIP PROGRAM ON GOOD GOVERNANCE organized by the US State Department which held in Cleveland, Ohia between 7th and 13th April 2016.

Hon. Mohammed Gololo was said to have sexually molested a housekeeping staff of the hotel they stayed in Cleveland and almost raped her while the other two had asked the hotel car park assistants to arrange prostitutes for them.

All the workers reported to the management who in turn reported to the US State Department and local Cleveland law enforcement agents.

According to the Ambassador, the US authorities had strenuously investigated the allegations and found them to be true.

But that when the legislators were accosted with the situation by senior staff of the US embassy in Nigeria who led the delegation, the legislators flatly denied the allegation and accused the woman of trying to ridicule the Nigerian National Assembly.

The Ambassador requested the Speaker to share this information with his members and intimate them of the grave consequences of these actions on the image of the Nigerian Parliament and the entire country as these actions are capable of making host nations and organizations refrain from inviting Nigerians to such high level gatherings.

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