In retrospect, and especially looking into the pre-election frenzy and the "dos" and "says" of the ousted former ruling party before the 2015 general elections, I think is it safe to state that PMB walked into a trap set for him by the previous administration. Yeah, 2 major happenings help bring to clear light that the present attacks were well articulated and planned but change agents were too engrossed in the election campaign and subsequent victory that we failed to take heed early enough. Yeah guys, its unambiguous and as a matter of fact, they gave enough clues and time enough to avert the present quagmire, but we failed to do the needful to prevent it. Well, let me safe you the suspense and get down to it…

Clue One – What would be your reaction if you wake up one morning only to hear in the news that the notorious thief in your neighbourhood, yes, the one known to everyone and the police and who have been arrested and jailed many times by them, has won a contract to supply guns and bullets to the police station in your neighbourhood. Insane? Stupid? Mindless? Well, its all rolled into one. That’s the meaning of the contract Mr Government otherwise known as Tompolo won to supply the Nigerian Navy war ships. In case you don’t know who Tompolo is, he was a former warlords and saboteur called militants and was behind pipeline vandalism and kidnappings during the OBJ, Yar Adua era. He was eventually prevailed upon to surrender his weapons and embrace amnesty together with his followers. Under Mr. Goodluck, Tompolo became a god and became stupendously wealthy. He clearly had the ears of Mr. President and if he sneezes, Abuja must catch cold. It didn’t take too long before the Nigerian Navy (our part of the armed forces charged with protecting our aquatic territorial integrity) became subservient to him. His influence came to a head some time in 2013/14 when the Nigerian Navy needed warships to fight sea pirates, oil bunkering and pipeline vandalism. Order came from above that the contract, rather than being between 2 countries (Nigeria and Norway) thereby saving cost and unnecessary bureaucracy, should be given to Mr. Tompolo. The Naval hierarchy had no choice of course even when they discovered that it was going to cost far much more than it would have cost the nation. How on earth did we missed that? How very stupid and low can we be? With the kind of weapon the Niger Delta Avengers claim to have, do you still wonder how they got the weapon? The FG during the GEJ presidencymade it officially known to us that former militants were being trained in skills in Eastern Europe, Asia etc and we applauded that, little wonder then that the Avengers said recently that they have warriors and technologists trained in Eastern Europe well prepared to fight the Nigerian Army. Connect the dots yourself, biko.

Clue Two – Enter Mr. Jimi Agbaje. Remember him? Mr. Agbaje, aka JK and owner of Jaykay Pharmacy, was the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP in the last general elections. Very early in January 2015, as the campaign began to heat up more fiercely, Mr Agbaje was quoted at a campaign rally by major national dailies and the video was eventually uploaded that if Lagosians (and Nigerians) don’t vote the PDP, Niger Delta militants will crumble Nigeria’s economy and the nation will be brought to its knees. The PDP governorship candidate said this at meeting in London organised by his supporters and the UK chapter of the PDP.  Could that have been mere prediction? Or brags? Or is Mr. Jimi a spiritualist who have been given spiritual powers to predict tomorrow? Clearly, he has good information of the impending doom and he gave it unambiguously. Watch the video here - http://www.nigerianmonitor(dot)com/video-vote-jonathan-or-face-economic-shut-down-by-niger-delta-jimi-agbaje-video/. JK was not only blackmailing Nigerians, he was threatening us and commanding us to vote for PDP or else???

Other clues abound. Is it the snipers OBJ had in good authority and made public that Jonathan was training or the threats by Asari Dokubo that Buhari’s government will not succeed? Can you see reasons why I said we didn’t take heed early enough? I am sure that Mr. Buhari knows better now though.
I leave the rest to our security apparatus to figure out but my next article will focus on simple but effective things that they can do to break the back of the so-called Avengers. They are strategies they already know but it is important to make you guys know that it is impossible that those renegades cannot hold Nigeria for too long in this battle. Forget the initial victory of the Avengers, Nigerian Army will surely prevail. The avengers already started d fight on a bad note. It is foolishness to fight a battle in your own territory, daring your enemy to come at you. In so doing, you already put yourself in the defensive which is a difficult position to fight from.

Iyalaya Avengers, our Soldiers will take over!

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