BIAFRA is dead and buried said by Late Ojukwu, Azikiwe, Rev. Mbaka, Okorocha, Onu, Ngige, OBJ, IBB, GOWON, etc what we have today is pdpigs biafraud criminals: eg. kanu in kuje prison, metuhthief etc. Badluck jonathan enrich himself with looted fund and gave nigerdelta militants arms to destroy their natural environment, arms the bokoharam to destroy the north and gave biafraud hope to actually their dead dream of biafra. woe to the badluck jonathan for his attrocities when in govt. One day worst regime of PMB if any in which there is NONE is 100% best to the world as acknowledge by OBAMA and other world leaders, best to Africa and Nigeria than 16yrs wastage regime of pdpigs biafraud, bokoharam, nigerdelta avengers criminals that looted our treasury and give our PMB sleepless night in rebuilding it and taking us to d promise land. PMB one year in office worth more than celebrating. Nigerians are proud to be associated to PMB as a leaders with all best credential to lead: Looking critically at those criticizing our leader, the best leader in Africa and among the world leaders PMB are 99% pdpigs biafraud criminals who fails woefully voting badluck jonathan the worst leader Nigeria has ever have since independence and they will forever dies as a losers. i can still bate if election is to hold today PMB will 100% beat any contestant in Nigeria, pls wait and try it again. No amount of demonstration will make us PMB not succeed in determination to fix Nigeria to a proper shape. must of those against PMB didnt vote for him before and fail woefully for voting badluck Jonathan same thing will be in any election, anytime any day..  PMB is always a winner, anytime, anywhere and everywhere, PMB till 2024 or infinity. No amount of intimidation will stop PMB in changing Nigeria for the best future or tomorrow. the biggest differences between badluck jonathan and PMB is that the former legalized corruption, the most corrupt leader Nigeria has ever have since independence, clueless, religion big got, very sentimental, promote sectionalism, he is not sincere in all his action, the promoter of bokoharam in the north, the promoter of Nigerdelta militancy, the azikiwe biafraud criminal during election and beyong etc and the worst president Nigeria has ever have since independence. But for our dear and sincere PMB is zero tolerance to corruption as confirm by Reverend MBAKA of Enugu, London archbishop and queen of england, the best president in africa and among the best world leaders,  one day worst of PMB if any in which there is not is 100% best to the world, africa and Nigeria than 16yrs wastage regime of pdpigs biafraud bokoharam nigerdelta militants regimes that wastage our resources, looted our treasury and put us in these messes that PMB is having a sleepless night to put the nation into a better shape for us and out future generation to come tomorrow. PMB till 2024 or infinity after him a yoruba man tested and trusted matured minded people will rule the country and will be rotated in that order to the north and yoruba only. NEVER again even in dream shall we allow pdpigs senseless un matured selfish, saddiest biafraud criminals d like of badluck jonathan rule us again, NEVER!!!.

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