Mallam Nuhu Ribadu on President Goodluck Jonathan:

"People say a lot about him (President Goodluck Jonathan) that is not true. For instance, I don’t think that a single act of corruption can be traced to him as an individual. I know that he is the only president in recent years who did not allocate a single oil bloc to anybody, not to talk of himself. And these are the areas where you can tell corruption in its true colour. He did not allocate oil bloc to himself, family or friends up till now. He also did not give a single marginal field to himself or anybody else even though he is the only president that comes from the Niger Delta where the oil is coming from.......I know for a fact that President Jonathan does not have a single property anywhere abroad or any huge business in Nigeria. He does not own a university and none of his children are schooling abroad. It is therefore so unfair the way he is being painted because of politics."

Culled from Premium Times.

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