How Are-Ekiti People Chased Fayose's Stomach Infrastructure Team Out Of Town

It was a bitter experience for the Chief of Staff to Governor Ayodele Fayose, Chief Dipo Anisulowo, when he met more than he bargained for in his town, Are-Ekiti, when his people, in the fits of fury, chased him and Fayose's stomach infrastructure Special Assistant, Sunday Anifowose alias Sunshine, and their team out of the town.

Fayose in his usual manner had last week mischievously sought to douse public anger against him over unpaid salaries by storming Irona area of the state capital, distributing rice and N200 to the people, as workers paralysed government offices over unpaid salaries.

But as Fayose went from one spot in the state capital to the other to dash out rice, discontent grew among state workers, who insisted that the governor was being wicked and selfish in taking allocations for five months but refused to pay workers for the same period while always paying himself N250m personal security vote and another N250m as monthly government's running cost and now he is distributing rice to the people to forget their sorrows.
As Ado residents scorned the governor, he opted for senatorial visits armed with concocted state's financial statements to deceive the people.
Part of his strategies was to widen the distribution of rice out of the state capital, choosing Are-Ekiti as the starting point.
Leading Fayose's rice distribution party in Are-Ekiti was the son-of-the-soil, the governor's Chief of Staff, Chief Dipo Anisulowo.

News had gone to the people that their son was coming to the town leading the rice distribution team that would put smiles on the faces of people in the throe of hunger over unpaid salaries and mass unemployment.
As they drove to the centre of the town where people were already waiting, Anisulowo saw the people that he thought had come to solidarise with him and his boss.

He was shocked when the people started throwing stones, sticks and other objects at the vehicles in which Fayose's men came.

The mini-bus carrying the consignments was severely damaged. Another Hilux van was smashed while Anisulowo's vehicle was also damaged.
Amid hale of stone-throwing and curses, Fayose's men scurried out of the town as the people in hot pursuit chased them out of the town.
Attempts to arrest suspects in the incident have so far failed, as Anisulowo realised that he had lost ground in his home town.
He has since abandoned his planned arrest of suspects, preferring begging the people of the community that insist that the governor should pay workers' salaries instead of deceiving them with a kongo of rice and N200.

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