On the recent killing of the Igbo woman in kano state by a group of Islamic youths who was accused for blasphemous statement against Islam, allot have condemned the killing and only this morning Abuja base Kaduna blogger KEA ADAMS took to his social pages to condemn the killing as he called it barbaric and questioned Tue credibility of the Governor of Kano state,here is what he posted ,

 "At this point I will really wanna use this medium to express my disappointment for the killing of the Igbo woman in Kano state, no one can give life and there for no one have the right to take a life, 

Without missing words I will like to call on all Muslims to work so more to prove to the world that Islam is a religion of peace because we can't possibly see that in you guys, God allot can fight his fight, no one can, if a Muslim woman gets kill in IMO am sure Nigeria would have been boiling by now, lets trade with care and kick against barbarism, we have enough issues already to take care of than acting like we are in an animal Kingdom, 

The Governor of Kano state have again proven the state is bigger than him, how will people carry a human head around town for more than two hours without any security Agency around? I condemn this."

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