When a man believe in the veracity of his own follies, nay, his own lies, he not only experience delusion, he tends to make it infectious on others.

Reading this gentleman's comment this morning made me feel like he helped to waste the years of Nigerians in the years he was gifted public office.

Hear him :
1) "I fought against Corruption, by not making money available to be stolen"

How did Dasukigate happen? The General Officers Staffs were able to steal Billions of dollars and flount it. Who lost the key to the safe box at the CBN? Diezani must have been a cartoon character in children's Comic books, eh!

2) "I left the treasury full of cash, if Buhari met an empty treasury how did he get money to bail out the States?"

Sick man of the Niger Delta, this :

The money the incoming Buhari administration used to bail out 27 States did not come as cash from the Treasury.

It was $2.7 Billion of Nigeria's dividend from NLNG shareholding that was hurriedly collected and converted to Naira.

I personally wished my President, Buhari,did not do this at the time.
Why ?

- The States owed the money before Buhari came, let them pay their debt.
- Sharing your dividend and spending it on Consumption is bad Economics

 It was the same Voodoo Economics that has now half-bankrupted Nigeria.

That $ 2.7 Billion was better invested in a new small-scale LNG plant to be fully-owned by Nigeria and Nigerians. It would have employed Nigerians youths with Engineeting degrees now plying Okada trade.
What country turns her engineering minds to Okada riders, drinking Alamo bitters at 7 am?

- The foolish Governors being bailed out were being rewarded for their economic mismanagement and corruption.

Not a few of them will waste the Bail-out Funds, or even steal part of it again or divert it to unrelated usage.
(it happened !)

A few of these Governors are ingrates who will never respect Buhari or see through his strength of character, honesty and patriotism.

For evidence, please Google one Ayo Fayose!

3) "Buhari is investigating me. It is as if I was President from Independence. I only served 5 years"

Ah, Mr. Jonathan!

Your 5 years was tantamount to a hordes of locusts, swarming locusts, and caterpillars and Amazonian Coyotes having visited Nigeria.

It was  Plague time!

Brother, you did not do well.

Every hand caught in the Nigerian Cookie Jar said you sent them to go and help you, and partly,  help themselves to it.

But, why ?

Well, we have been told by our many SANs about what the Learned People call "Rule of Law".

I am just a Layman in law, but someone my good SANs addresses as "my learned friend" :

Rule of law starts with, Investigation, then Prosecution, onto, Acquittal or Sentence.

Right, bro ?

Ex-President or Not, rule of law demands your having your day in Court.

You are rich enough to pay other SANs alongside your ever reliable Mike Ozakhome, SAN.

See you in Court, Your Excellency.

And, Congratulations, Sir.

You were not born in one faraway land called, THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

There your offense is punishable by attending to the final meeting with the Firing Squad.

You taught some of us a good lesson: Never trust a man because of his nice name or his cool demeanor.

Ciao !
-Caxton Fatanmi

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