Written by Gloria Eluebo Adagbon.

Since the news of allegation against Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, I have taken my time to look at the facts, scrutinise them, ask questions and verify the answers.

Now let's look at the issues raised therein:

✳️ Did Buratai deny owing the said properties? NO.

✳️ Did Buratai declare them in his assets declaration? YES.

✳️ Did Buratai own the properties alone? NO, he jointly own them with his two wives.

✳️ Are the Buratai's the sole owners of the properties? NO, they are investors.

✳️ According to the facts made available, the properties are like quoted companies. You buy into them and get dividends as profit from your investment.

Are public funds involved in the properties? No, the Buratai's used their personal savings to invest.

✳️ Is having a farm - a family business against the law? NO. The 1999 Constitution (as amended) under Fifth Schedule Part 1- permits a public officer to engage in farming.

✳️ Does the farm generate income? YES.

✳️ On the allegations of motor cycles, it has been verified that the rugged buffalo vehicles are not only brand new but they are 2014 model that were imported from Libya.

✳️ Is Buratai a good soldier? YES.

✳️ As COAS, has he succeeded in degrading the dreaded Bokoharam terrorists? YES.

✳️ Did he teach the lawless Shi'ttes a lesson? YES.

✳️ Has Buratai restored the dignity of the Nigerian Army? YES.

✳️ Has Buratai restored pride, bravery and courage of our soldiers? YES.

✳️ Are the sponsors of Bokoharam happy with Buratai? NO.

✳️ Are the enemies of Nigeria happy that Bokoharam is being shown hell? NO.

✳️ Are the Avengers happy? NO.

✳️ Are the economic terrorists happy with Buratai? NO.

✳️ Are the military chiefs who profited from evil insurgency happy with Buratai leadership? NO.

✳️ Are the corrupt elite squad happy with Buratai? NO.

✳️ Are we happy with the job you have done and are still doing? YES

Dear Lt. Gen. Buratai, we are proud of the leadership you have brought to bear in Nigeria Military. So long as no public funds have been traced to you, so long as you declared the assets, so long as you have clarified the whole issue, as you have done, the plans to destabilise the anti terrorism fight will fail.

We that are with you are MORE than those against you. You have our VOTE OF CONFIDENCE. Keep, keeping us safe. Keep doing the excellent job of protecting the territorial integrity of our country. The security and peace of this country is non negotiable.

We got your back covered!!

Gloria Eluebo Adagbon.

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