The Senate President, Bukola Saraki has said that no price is too high to pay for peace in Nigeria. He stated this during an interview with pressmen in Abuja.

Senator Saraki stressed that the National Assembly will play its role to bring about peace in the Niger Delta. “We have this kind of problem before and we have been able to fight it during President Yar’Adua’s administration and we have been able to find a solution that brought peace in the Niger Delta. There is a need for us to put all hands on deck and bring peace to the Ni ger Delta, we have done it before,” Senator Saraki noted.

Continuing he said, “We will also play our own role to bring about that peace. It is a priority and I don’t believe that no price is too high for peace. Every situation has a solution; there is an amnesty already in place, whatever the issues are we must find the solution.”

Senator Saraki further said that his appearances in court are an unfortunate distraction adding that it was ill-conceived.

“That slowed us down a little bit. There are a lot of hours we were losing when we go to court and I have to do that to clear my name as soon as possible so that we can move forward. It was ill-conceived by those that thought of it as at that time. It has not deterred us because we were able to address and push along our own agenda,” Senator Saraki stated.

He also said that after the case is over, the senate will look into how to strengthen the judiciary to ensure that political battles that are lost in the political arena do not find themselves in judicial arena.

saying that it is not good for the system.

In his words, “Sometimes you hear people use the word corruption trial but when you actually look at the issue, the best you could call it is administrative misdemeanor. When we start to paint the fight against corruption and people begin not to be sure whether it is corruption or politics, we do more harm to the fight against corruption.


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